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Couples TherapyPeople attend relationship counselling for many reasons, at different stages of their lives.  There is much benefit to be derived from the experience.  We have many people responding with comments like “I wish that we had done this sooner. If only we knew then what we know now, our life could have been so much happier and fulfilled!” and “People really need to know this stuff and develop these skills before they ever get to the alter!”

Some people attend relationship counselling as a way to enrich their existing relationship, to fine-tune some areas in which they seek greater fulfillment. Others attend to learn how to resolve on-going conflicts or dilemmas that never seem to go away year after year.  Still others will enter counselling carrying the tremendous burden of loss, betrayal, and infidelity.  Whatever the reason, relationship counselling facilitates a process whereby you start to think and talk about relationship and all of its intimate aspects in the same way, developing a way of relating that is different than what you are used to.  The assessment that you undergo, as a couple, along with the coaching that you receive, will begin to facilitate this important step. Gradually you will be able to turn towards each other in warmer and more connected ways conveying and responding to each other’s needs in ways that you have not thought possible or perhaps even conceived.

In relationship therapy, the individuals involved often experience emotional shifts that help them to get at what is most important to them individually and to them as a couple. At these critical junctures you will find your therapist coaching, and facilitating a process between the two of you that gets you developing your emotional communication skills… the very thing necessary to strengthen and repair most areas of relationship.  This does not have to be a scary or overly demanding experience.  One of the good things about the way that Rhonda works with her clients is that she very quickly gets them into activities that raise their optimism, belief in themselves and in each other. Since at the end of the day, it is your partner that you will be going home with, she ensures that your communication is primarily with each other.  It truly is a road of discovery.  That road is carefully mapped out through a collaborative process with her after she reports back on all of her findings from the very in-depth assessment that she completes.  Since the process is tailored to your specific ways, therapy can be more effective and take less time.

Relationship sessions are always an hour and a half long in order for the process to go well and for both people to get a chance to engage and develop the necessary skills.  This is Rhonda’s passion.  She works in respectful and gentle ways that honour both individuals and the sanctity of the couple relationship.

If you find yourself struggling in your relationship, don’t hesitate!  Call in today or complete the simple online referral process.  You will receive a speedy response!


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