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Find the dedicated, caring, professional support you need…

Welcome to the Kane Centre for Counselling and Consultation.

The Kane Centre offers you support and counselling by highly trained and experienced individual, couple and family therapists.

Uniquely recognized as “relationship and mental-health specialists” we weave together various models of research-based therapies in a way that best suits your counselling needs.

We provide a full range of services, treating such things as:

  • Relationship distress and Affairs
  • Blended Families and histories of Abuse
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Acute and Chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and more…

All services are confidential and ethically regulated. Our therapists are fully credentialed and certified at the top of their fields. Please see our individual therapist’s profiles for a more detailed look at this. We are active full members of many professional organizations.

It is our great privilege to support you at this time.

We want to help you to:

  • Create more loving, connected bonds with others
  • Restore broken relationships
  • Understand and regulate strong feelings
  • Heal from sad or traumatic experiences
  • Sooth your losses
  • Increase your confidence, hope, and life skills in the midst of your greatest challenges.

We look forward to meeting with you!